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Name: Techahan

Colour Hair: -

Colour Eyes: -

Tribe: Mikomi Tribe

First Appearance: Untold Story: Death of a Lady

Last Appearance: Untold Story: Death of a Lady

Arcs involved with: Mikomi's Story Arc

Current status: Dead (born 100 years before the story began)

Current location: Not Available

Best Friend: ??

Love Interest: ??

Family: ??

Age at start of story: Not Available

Weapons: ??

Character by: Dougurasu (You do not have to ask for permission for this specific character).



Deviantart gallery:







Techahan was a promising Commander and was asked to take over for Mikomi as the Master of the Mikomi Tribe, a job he earned even more in a brutal attack by the Sendo Tribe when seeking revenge for their murdered leader, Sendo. Techahan protected all council members personally and saved all of them at the risk of his own life. When Mikomi eventually did pass away, Techahan became power hungry and when the Chi Tribe refused to hand over their land and surrender he attacked them and with that plunged all three tribes into war. Eventually the Mikomi succeeded in killing Chi, but were beaten by the tribe itself.






History Database Entry

g0004-A lot laterSendo attacked the smaller Tiko Tribe. Mikomi and Chi wanted to protect the Tiko Tribe. The Mikomi Tribe came to help and slaughtered the Sendo Tribe warriors and a Mikomi warrior, Okala, killed Sendo. The Tiko Tribe became enraged by this and turned to pacifists and retreated to the mountains. After a while the Sendo Tribe attacked the Mikomi Tribe. The Chi came to help them and the Sendo was defeated again.Part 45 & Untold Story 1
g0004-A lot laterThe Sendo Tribe attacked once more in revenge of the death of Sendo. Mikomi lied to her tribe that she was dieing of old age, but in fact she couldn't die because never ate the poisoned fruit. She left Techahan in command. However this time the Chi refused to offer their help. The Mikomi barely won the battle, having lost more than half of their population, but Techahan's leadership was accepted and he was praised for his acts of courage displayed during the conflict. Mikomi lay on her death bed and before she died Chi made a promise with her. The Chi Tribe would help the Mikomi whenever it was needed.Part 45 & Untold Story 1
g0004-A lot laterMikomi faked her own death, with Baku's help, being tired of war. She was buried but dug up again by Baku. She went back one more time that night and made sure some of the citizens saw her before she actually left.Part 70 & Untold Story 1
g0004-A lot laterThe next Mikomi leader, Techahan, was as ruthless as the Sendo and all three went to war with each other. Before Chi died she told Baku her promise to the Mikomi Tribe. The Chi Tribe hasn’t been able to fulfil their promise to come to the Mikomi Tribe's rescue.Part 45 & Untold Story 1


Chapter 1: Endless Rain



Chapter 2: Myth or Legend?





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