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The History of the Gods

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This storyline is here to tell what happened way before the beginning of the story and tells the origins of the Valley of Endless Rain. To seperate this from the other timeline, these timeline entries have a g0000 code (G standing for God). G0000 is set before the beginning of the History of the Gods timeline and G0001 is the first day.



g0000This storyline plays at least four generations before the General HistoryPart 12
g0000There are good monsters and evil monsters in the world.Part 12 & Untold Story 7
g0000A small incident between a good monster, a Human, and a bad monster, a Demon, excelated in a full on war between Humans and Demons. Using magic a lot of Humans and Demons become mortal. Among the few Immortals surviving was Afrain who started leading the mortals.Untold Story 7
g0000After founding the Valley of Hope Afrain meets Kyrlian in the forest. The two fall in love and marry. Kyrlian uses her timestopping ability so Afrain and Kyrlian can be together and Afrain can still rule the Valley.Untold Story 8
g0000Lana, Afrain’s daughter, was in love with Layou.Part 30
g0001The ugly evil monster Layou poisons the green land of the Fairies and kills the Fairy family. Only five Fairies survived: Mermaid Aquateam, Gaia (Urania) Titaniacare, Pyro Phoenixtruth, Typhoon Gryffinstrength and Serenity Soulheart.Part 12 & 30
g0004A few days later: Afrain, leader of the good monsters, got word of the killing of the Fairy family and went to war with the bad monsters. The Good Monsters were victorious.Part 12
g0004Baku orders Mikomi to stay behind in Afrain’s castle, because he doesn’t want her to get hurt.Part 31
g0004Whilst the Good Monsters ate the fruit of the poisoned land of the Dead Fairies, Afrain imprisoned Layou and his minions in the centre of the Earth. The land of the Dead Fairies was poisoned and the Good Monsters who ate the fruit of it, turned dark. Afrain had to watch as his sons and wives were slowly turning into evil monsters. Afrain brought his only daughter that hadn’t been poisoned, Lana, and his friends to the Clouds Before the Sun. Mikomi, unpoisoned, was still in the Land of the Dead Fairies.Part 12 & 30 & 31
g0004Afrain made a big rock wall around the Land of the Dead Fairies. Which formed the Valley of Endless Rain. All the monsters were trapped inside, including Mikomi.Part 13 & 31
g0004Lana hides the fact that she is pregnant of Layou’s half-evil/half-good child.Part 31
g0004-A lot laterAfrain’s children began having children of their own and soon they would grow into tribes and fight eachother.Part 12
g0004-A lot laterBaku stays in the shadows to help Mikomi in any way he can.Part 70
g0004-A lot laterSendo, Mikomi, Tiko and Chi become alienated with each other and form tribes. Part 45
g0004-A lot laterSendo attacked the smaller Tiko Tribe. Mikomi and Chi wanted to protect the Tiko Tribe. The Mikomi Tribe came to help and slaughtered the Sendo Tribe warriors and a Mikomi warrior, Okala, killed Sendo. The Tiko Tribe became enraged by this and turned to pacifists and retreated to the mountains. After a while the Sendo Tribe attacked the Mikomi Tribe. The Chi came to help them and the Sendo was defeated again.Part 45 & Untold Story 1
g0004-A lot laterOkala is assassinated for killing SendoUntold Story 1
g0004-A lot laterThe Sendo Tribe attacked once more in revenge of the death of Sendo. Mikomi lied to her tribe that she was dieing of old age, but in fact she couldn't die because never ate the poisoned fruit. She left Techahan in command. However this time the Chi refused to offer their help. The Mikomi barely won the battle, having lost more than half of their population, but Techahan's leadership was accepted and he was praised for his acts of courage displayed during the conflict. Mikomi lay on her death bed and before she died Chi made a promise with her. The Chi Tribe would help the Mikomi whenever it was needed.Part 45 & Untold Story 1
g0004-A lot laterMikomi faked her own death, with Baku's help, being tired of war. She was buried but dug up again by Baku. She went back one more time that night and made sure some of the citizens saw her before she actually left.Part 70 & Untold Story 1
g0004-A lot laterThe next Mikomi leader, Techahan, was as ruthless as the Sendo and all three went to war with each other. Before Chi died she told Baku her promise to the Mikomi Tribe. The Chi Tribe hasn’t been able to fulfil their promise to come to the Mikomi Tribe's rescue.Part 45 & Untold Story 1
g0004-A lot laterBaku, Mikomi and three others try to find the Hikari Crystals to open the Passage of the Rainbow to the Clouds Before the Sun.Part 12 & 70 & Untold Story 2
g0004-A lot laterBaku and Mikomi find five surviving Fairies, Pyro Phoenixtruth, Mermaid Aquateam, Typhoon Gryffinstrength, Gaia Titaniacare, and Serenity Soulheart.Untold Story 2
g0004-A lot laterBaku's and Mikomi's friends sacrificed themselves to save Baku and Mikomi and in the end only Baku and the Fairies could make it back and Mikomi was left behind. Mikomi retreated to a secret, magically hidden safehouse on the Southern PlainsPart 12 & 70 & Untold Story 2
g0004-A lot laterBaku makes a plan to save Mikomi and makes a prediction to have five people find the Hikari Crystals and take Mikomi with them to the Clouds Before the Sun.Part 70
g0004-A lot laterLana tries to find the five Hikari Crystals to free her love, Layou, from the centre of the Earth.Part 30
g0004-A lot laterAfrain finds out, via Hermi, that Lana has a child and Lana is forced to abandon the child in the Valley of Endless Rain. This child eventually is found by Kyen Koh's father carrying Baku's and Lana's mother's hairpin.Part 31 & 41 & 42 & 63 & 70 & Untold Story 2
g0004-A lot laterLana finds all the Hikari Crystals, but her father stops her just in time and exiles her to the Valley of Endless Rain. She couldn’t leave anymore. Afrain made sure, as per Hermi's suggestion, that Lana couldn’t reach the Hikari Crystals anymore by guarding them with the five surviving Fairies: Mermaid Aquateam, Gaia (Urania) Titaniacare, Pyro Phoenixtruth, Typhoon Gryffinstrength and Serenity Soulheart who would only give a Hikari Crystal away after testing the person (tests that Lana would never be able to complete).Part 30 & Untold Story 2
g0004-A lot laterLana has realised she has become mortal and has started aging because she actually did take a bite of the poisoned fruit but spat it out again.Part 70
g0004-A lot laterLana finds Mikomi and cursed her. Lana traded her mortal life for Mikomi's immortal life, but in the process they both got 'connected'. If Mikomi dies, Lana dies and vica versa, unless Mikomi is healed in the Clouds Before the Sun. Now Lana is immortal and won't age and Mikomi is mortal and DOES age.Part 70
g0004-A lot laterBaku returned to the Valley of Endless Rain and joined the Mikomi Tribe and told them about the Hikari Crystals: over the years it became more like a story or legend.Part 45 & 70

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