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Tiko Tribe

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The Tiko Tribe, founded of course by the mortal God Tiko, has almost always been more of trade than of war. When the Sendo attacked them, the Chi and Mikomi raced to save them, but in the process Sendo, the leader of the Sendo Tribe was killed. This enraged the leader of the Tiko Tribe and he retreated to the mountains becoming pacifists. In their isolation they were probably able to master the art of alchemy and were able to change humans into perfectly clear crystals. This however was done in secrecy, only the leaders and the council knew about this. If word got out it would mean civil war. They sold these Tiko Crystals on the Market Square, which is the only contact they have with outsiders.

Two of these Crystals ended up on the rings given to Zesshou by Kanshi, a passing merchant, for Zesshou and Siren's, one of the Guardians, wedding. Eventually the wedding ended up being a test for Zesshou and the two rings remained in his possession.




Masters and Ladies


In chronological order:

First Lady and founder of the TribeTiko
Lady at the beginnig of the StoryUnknown





A total of 5 members are known.


Ladies and Masters




Council Members:













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