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Name: Yamome

Colour hair: Dark brown and curly.

Colour Eyes: ??

Tribe: Mikomi Tribe

First Appearance: Part 54

Last Appearance: Hasn't stopped appearing.

Arcs involved with: Nagata's Trial Arc

Current status: Alive

Current location: Mikomi Village

Best Friend: ??

Love Interest: Hopefully her husband Shousha

Family: Shousha (husband)

Age at start of story: Unknown

Weapons: Unknown

Character by: Dougurasu (Ask for anything you want to do to Yamome)




Deviantart gallery:












History Database Entry


Chapter 3: The Passage of the Rainbow

0205Yamome accuses Nagata of killing her husband Shousha, because Nagata forgot about him (see 0203).Part 54
0206Mr. Shikai, the head of the council, has started Nagata’s trial early at Yamome’s request.Part 58
0206Mr. Shikai asks Hitori if he can use the knowledge of Pyro Phoenixtruth for Nagata’s trial. Hitori agrees, so does Pyro, but only for this one trial. Thanks to Mariko and the triplets Pyro reveals that Kino set Lana free.Part 58
0206Nagata’s trial has been postponed until Lana and Kino can be found.Part 60
0206Yamome manages to stop Nagata just in time before he escapes.Part 63
0207The first session of Nagata’s trial begins and Yamome starts barraging him with questions about whether he was distracted by seeing Lightning again in Part 50 or not.Part 50 & 67
0207Nagata is found guilty in the first session by the court, this is mostly because of everyone’s hatred for Nagata’s lawyer, Kino.Part 67
0208Nagata wins his second session of his trial thanks to Yamome attacking Lightning.Part 72
0209Nagata's trial is concluded and according to Pyro Phoenixtruth he could have avoided Shousha's death and is therefore guilty. Shikai banishes Nagata from Mikomi village.Part 78




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