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Name: Youji

Colour Hair: Black

Colour Eyes: Blue

Tribe: Chi Tribe

First Appearance: Untold Stories 3

Last Appearance: Untold Stories 4, for now. He'll show up again eventually.

Arcs involved with: Moyasu's Tribe Arc

Current status: Presumably dead.

Current location: Hidden in the caves north of Tiko territory.

Best Friend: ...

Love Interest: ...

Family: Jishuku (mother), Teinei (father), Moyasu (sister), and Koudo (brother).

Age at start of story: 5

Weapons: None.

Character by: Blonde Teraesa (Blonde Teraesa is currently working in the Air Force and is not able to write (she might be in the future), but she still hangs around DA so ask her before doing anything drastic).




Deviantart gallery:





Youji is only five years old when the Sendo brutally attack and massacre his home and family. His older brother, Koudo, protects him from Sendo arrows at the cost of his own life, and he is left in shock until a Chi woman finds him beneath his dead brother's body and takes him with her to where the few remaining Chi tribesman now hide.  Even before the attack, Youji was a little slower than the other children his age, with speech and vocabulary not as well-developed as the other children. Afrain only knows what this traumatic experience could have done to him.








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