Everything that happened on day 210 of the Story:


0210 It begins to storm heavily. Part 82
0210 Kanshi is murdered. Part 82
0210 Kino questions Pyro, but he tells him he can't say a thing. Part 82
0210 Inoe recieves a letter from Sasaeru who asks the help of the Tiko Tribe. Inoe brings his request to Tiko Lord Kaigai Part 82
0210 Pyro Phoenixtruth appears before Moyasu and they start their quest again, leaving the cave and Hiyou Lake in the direction of Chi village. Part 82
0210 Alika forgets the way back to camp and Nagata and her seek shelter. Part 82
0210 Hana's group decides to follow Saiya's advice to seek shelter in the Forest Village. Part 82
0210 Kino and Zesshou have to stay inside because of the storm. Kino offers Zesshou to help him and his mother. Part 82
0210 Lana tries to persuade Hitori to jump into the ravine before her. Hitori has a flashback featuring Hana, and she convinced her to jump into the Ravine. Part 83
0210 Moyasu and Sasaeru leave the island on Hiyou Lake and leave Pyro Phoenixtruth, Gaia Titaniacare and Mermaid Aquateam behind. Part 84
0210 Shikai's men start heading East. Part 84
0210 Moyasu and Sasaeru reach Chi Village and Moyasu talks to his mother and her eldest brother Koudo. She finds out that Youji is nowhere to be found at all. He must have escaped. They set out for their quest to find the missing brother. Part 84
0210 Lana awakes from the Battle for the Light of the Soul. Tebok is with her. The Light of the Soul has vanished. Part 85
0210 Alika and Nagata find the Sendo camp. Nagata realizes that it was Alika that stole the Hikari Crystals back in Part 75. Alika realizes that Nagata is on Hitori's side and calls Tebok for help. Nagata sees the cage Chounin is in and frees him. Part 85
0210 Chounin sees Mariko's Father in another cage. He doesn't recognize him, but frees him. Chounin staggers into the woods. Part 85
0210 Nagata battles Tebok. He kicks a flaming piece of wood through Tebok and Tebok cries in agony giving Nagata time to escape with Alika against her will. Part 85


Parts that took place on this day:


Part 82: The Storm

Part 83: The Dying Light

Part 84: Where is Youji?

Part 85: Redemption