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Page history last edited by Dougurasu 13 years, 1 month ago

What happened between day 8 and 195 of the Story:


0008-0195Aiko dies or gets killed in Sendo village, or at least a bloodstain is found on the ground.Part 30


Parts that took place between these days:


Part 10: Twist the Knife

Part 11: Cryptic Visions

Part 12: Old Story

Part 13: Rocks and Signs

Part 14: Entering the Unknown

Part 15: Loss and Discovery

Part 16: Confusing

Part 17: Splitting up

Part 18: Watchfull Eyes

Part 19: Killing the Trap

Part 20: Mermaid

Part 21: Licking the wounds

Part 22: Visitor

Part 23: The truth and the strange girl

Part 24: Searching for Answers brings more Questions

Part 25: How Rude

Part 26: The ball is rolling

Part 27: Urania

Part 28: The Hidden Self

Part 29: A Crystal Chaos

Part 30: Different Plans

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